Aesthetics and ease of movement around carport structures are important factors along with the standard structural design criteria. Neat profiles and connection parts with hidden bolts ensure a successful aesthetic result, while custom support designs allow space to be optimized for moving cars.

A high purlin profile allows spans to cover up to 3 parking bays. Surface ballast, underground foundation, or reinforced concrete plinths are anchor options to best suit project specific requirements.

Carport Sections

Carport Connector Parts

Carport Anchor Options

Module Clamps

LM-CP-Table (Carport Structure)


✓ Non-corrosive: AL 6005-T5/6063-T6, Stainless steel SUS 304

✓ Designed for convenient and fast installation

✓ Alumunium has value at end-of-live

✓ Large sections for strength and high span capability

✓ High quality machining and high tolerance sections

✓Structural design according to SANS 10162 and Eurocode

✓ Resistant to wind speeds according to relevant code

✓ Finite element analysis of all members