Ground Mount

A durable structure under exposed envionmental conditions is key to ensure the PV business case. Lumax perform indepth strength analysis of all sections to ensure structural integrity under relevant wind load conditions.

As important is the selection of the most suitable anchor mechanism based on the ground conditions, wind exposure, and access to machinery on site. Lumax therefore offer all standard types of anchor mechanisms: Ground screws, concrete, and piles.

Ground Mount Sections

Ground Mount Connector Parts

Ground Mount Anchors

Module Clamps

LM-CA-Table (Ground Mount Structure)


Part Nr: LM-CA Table
Material: Aluminium 6005-T5/6063-T6, Stainless steel SUS304, HDG steel
Configurable structure, various layout options, Portrait and landscape

Durable, non-corrosive materials
Compatible grounding washers, mid- and end clamps
High profile purlin allow wide spans to minimise rafter and anchor requirements
Supported by finite element analysis and mechanical fail testing

Ground screws
Flat concrete rooftops
Custom structures